SR: PRO Swim Run SR1 Wetsuit
SR: PRO Swim Run SR1 Wetsuit
SR: PRO Swim Run SR1 Wetsuit

SR: PRO Swim Run SR1 Wetsuit


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Blaze past the competition in the world's most high-tech wetsuit. Designed for SwimRun, the exciting new endurance sport taking the world by storm, The SR: Pro-SwimRun SR1 Wetsuit is engineered with the world's most flexible, closed-cell neoprene. The SR:PRO-SwimRun SR1 Wetsuit doesn't stop there, with flexibility through the hips and legs, speed and buoyancy through the water,and abrasion resistance to withstand transitions and more. Features a large rear pocket for holding race essentials.


    Premium Japanese Yamamoto Limestone neoprene is bouyant and durable to ensure you get most out of your strokes in water whilst remaining tough for climbing out of it


    Hyperflex 1.5mm shoulder and underarm panels provide unrivalled swim flexibility and hip and pelvis panels are designed for freedom of movement on the run.


    Rollbar technology ensures less bouyancy on perimeter of wetsuit, allowing snappier side-to-side rotation and eliminating dead spots in your freestyle.


    Front zip provides increased ventilation without having to remove during run whilst the often-overlooked internal liner is engineered for stretch to ensure comfort and low absorption.


    Zipped rear pocket provides adequate storage for your race-day essentials.

Size Weight Body Length Chest Waist
XS 58-68 160-175 88-92 70-74
S 63-70 160-175 93-97 75-79
ST 64-72 174-182 93-97 75-79
S/M 68-75 165-175 95-99 77-81
M 72-80 170-184 98-102 80-84
MT 74-83 178-193 98-102 80-84
MS 78-88 168-175 100-104 82-86
L 85-94 175-188 103-107 85-89
LT 84-94 180-195 103-107 85-89
XL 92-110 180-200 108-112 90-94
XXL 105-120 180-210 113-117 95-99
XXL 120-135 180-210 118-122 100-104