Propel Pro Wetsuit
Propel Pro Wetsuit

Propel Pro Wetsuit


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The men's 2XU Propel Pro Wetsuit is the ultimate wetsuit for fast swimmers. Using 45 Cell, the most flexible neoprene in the world, and panels that provide unparalleled buoyancy, the perfect balance between movement and buoyancy has been created. Nano SCS coating provides an additional 4% buoyancy and better hydrodynamics, increasing speed in the water. Side roll bars, floating zip panel and buoyancy panels increase your power in the water. Feedback from IRONMAN world champions was used with the 2XU development team to create this wetsuit.


    Seamless Yamamoto 45 Cell for the shoulder and arm sections, a ultraflexible material, for comfort and freedom of movement with a thickness of 1mm.


    SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating Is applied as a layer on the surface of the neoprene, creating a unique material. The micelle structure on the rubber surface repels water when it comes into contact with air and reduces surface resistance when in contact with water. Low resistance allows for faster speed through the water. As a result, SCS provides comfort, additional freedom of movement, keeps the body warmer and reduces body fatigue.


    The Japanese premium Yamamoto 39 Cell neoprene is buoyant yet flexible and varies in thickness throughout the wetsuit's construction. This shifts your center of buoyancy down, prevents your legs from sinking, and puts you in a perfect horizontal swimming position.


    The specially designed CWEZ (Concave Water Entrapment Zone) underarm panels add speed in the water, while the zipper panel provides unrestricted movement and quick on and off.


    The Rollbar Technology, a reinforced side area, improves body position in the water and delivers greater DPS (Distance Per Stroke).


    The neck area is constructed seamless to improve comfort and reduce chafing. Often overlooked, the inner lining offers 520% stretch for comfort and low absorption.

    Also good to know:
  • How to properly care for Propel Pro Wetsuit: rinse with clean water, dry inside out and hang, do not dry in the sun
  • Materialzusammensetzung: Obermaterial: 100% Neopren, Nylon laminiert / Futter: Ungefüttert
  • Modelnummer: MW5124C#BLKSIL
XS 58-68 160-175 88-92 70-74
S 63-70 160-175 93-97 75-79
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MT 74-83 178-193 98-102 80-84
MS 78-88 168-175 100-104 82-86
L 85-94 175-188 103-107 85-89
LT 84-94 180-195 103-107 85-89
XL 92-110 180-200 108-112 90-94
XXL 105-120 180-210 113-117 95-99
XXL 120-135 180-210 118-122 100-104