What’s your ultimate finish line (goal)?
Racing to the best of my ability, and having nothing left at the finish.

What are you most proud of?
Ironman NZ 2019. I had a few set backs early in the race (mechanical and also a crash resulting in a broken hand). I finished the bike nearly 20 minutes behind but kept pushing on the run. It wasn't until near the end I was able to pass the other athletes and win my first Ironman.

Who is to thank/blame for introducing you to your sport? Tell us your history to how it all began, how you got to where you are now
I participated in a lot of sports when I was young. At high school, our Sports Coordinator, Christine Todd, was a large part in helping guide me into focussing on one sport and doing it properly. I started doing half distance triathlon in 2015 and full distance in 2017, under the guidance of John Hellemans.

What gets you out of bed in the morning and drives your passion to keep pushing yourself and chasing your finish lines?
I like working hard and seeing improvements, that drives me to continue and see how much I can improve.

What words of advise would you pass on to a rookie entering your sport event? What would you tell a younger you about to set out on this journey?
Have a plan, and stick to it. Take time for recovery and look after your body.

If you could invite any 3 people (dead or alive) to a dinner party, who would they be?
Muhammad Ali, Neil Armstrong and Ronaldinho.

What is your favourite 2XU product and why? How does this help you prepare, perform, recover and repeat?
The MCS Compression Run Shorts and Tights are great for the hard run sessions. The Muscle Containment Stamping really helps to reduce muscle soreness. Plenty of storage in the back too for the phone and car keys.