What is your ultimate finish line?
To become an Ironman Champion and go to World Championships. Along with continuing to grow and improve as an athlete, coach and human.

What gets you out of bed in the morning and drives your passion to keep pushing yourself and chasing your finish lines?
The pursuit of satisfaction, which I try not to place value on results too much as they are somewhat out of your control. So I like to find validation internally knowing I have finished the day, the week, or race having giving it my best.

What words of advise would you pass on to a rookie entering your sport event? What would you tell a younger you about to set out on this journey?
Focus on the process and not the outcome. It's about years, not months, and take motivation from other people's performances, but look only to yourself for expectations. Lastly failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Describe your perfect day - how does it look, what do you do and who are you with?
It would be 24hours of daylight, 20 degrees Celsius, a little humid, partly cloudy, no wind and no fatigue so I can wake up and take the dogs to the beach or herd some sheep, then I would go for a swim and run at Lysterfield lake. Followed by playing golf with my mates, I would then do a 4 hour ride in the hills with my athletes, following by a bush walk and picnic with my wife and dogs and then some more golf for good measure.
It's a day where calories don't count and everything is good for you.

What is your favourite 2XU product and why? How does this help you prepare, perform, recover and repeat?
Tough one as they are all so great and play different roles in helping me get the most of of myself. In winter I find the insulation jacket helps me prepare for training by keeping me warm and subtle, I even use it in some sessions when preparing for hotter races. The great fabrics of all the 2XU running range help me perform by keeping me comfortable and protected head to toe from all the different weather conditions Melbourne throws at us. When it's cold I really like the performance benefits of the MCS run compression tights, as they make recovering.