Dedicated to change, we’ve broken records, stood on podiums, performed to packed stadiums and stacked metalware high. We’ve swept the competition away as we’ve crossed our own finish lines. Yet from here and this point on, we are united in the race to make the world a fitter, healthier place. We will chase the change in ourselves, in you and all. We are Team Two Times You. Follow us and help bring the change.


Aaron Royle

Cam Brown

David McNeill

Emma Carney

Emma Hogan

Gwen Jorgenson

Harry Young

Kira Hedgeland

Levi Maxwell

Marcell Walkington

Matt Hauser

Naa Anang

Alice Betto

Brent McMahon

Grace Thek

Jauhari Johan

Jonas Schomburg

Kylie Simpson

Michelle Finn

Sarah Crowley

Clint Kimmins

Hannah Wells

Levi Hauwert

Mike Phillips